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In 2003 I was in graduate school, had already earned a masters in economics, and I had completed all but my dissertation for a Ph.D. But I was not interested in what lay ahead of me, likely working for a corporation, commuting in rush hours, being away from nature all day, and never producing anything concrete. At the time, what really grabbed my attention was my first woodworking class, which I was taking from a local fine furniture maker.

I knew that I wanted to create objects that people could physically and emotionally connect with. So I left school to pursue woodcraft as a livelihood. The following year, I attended the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, ME. I then moved to Boone, NC to work in a cabinet shop. I followed that with a series of commissions. Finally, in January of 2009, I started my business.

I make art that is inspired by, and in some way emulates, the natural world. I also am drawn to art and craft that uses one material to imitate another, adding an unfamiliar texture to a familiar form. For me, the feel of wood is as important as the look of it. I therefore make pieces that beg to be touched.

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